Contemplating or Planning to Retire?

Contemplating or Planning to Retire?

Contemplating or Planning to Retire?

Contemplating or planning to retire?

Retirement provides a chance to enjoy the fruits of one’s labour.

There are many important factors to anticipate as you age, the maintenance of your home can become increasingly stressful. Imagine not having to mow the lawn, weed the garden, trim the trees or paint those down pipes!

Your new home awaits, to give you the freedom to fulfill the lifestyle you have always dreamed of and allow you the comfort of knowing you are safely protected in a security gated and patrolled Boutique Village.

Living in a retirement village is a lifestyle choice and some of those important things you may like to consider are,

1.      Security and Safety, ability to travel leaving your home safely guarded
2.      Living independently as you are now
3.      Staying socially engaged and connecting with new friends
4.      Close access to health services and shopping
5.      Maintenance free living

Considering the options and future planning will assist to ensure a smooth transition into retirement living.

Our homes start from $395,000 with a choice of 1, 2- or 3-bedroom Villas and Apartments. To find out more, call our friendly sales team on 02 4369 8855.

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